Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teacher Retirement Gift

This week has been so busy!  With Memorial Day on Monday (so no school) then I was subbed out 1/2 the morning on Tuesday then all day today... because tomorrow I have to rush out quickly after school to attend another teacher's retirement party! 

Long story short. 

I needed to put something together this afternoon.  Yikes!  I had an idea in mind that I'd see on Pinterest [of course].  Here's how it turned out:

Idea from Pinterest:
[the retirement party is for a teacher my mother-in-law has worked with for like the last 20 something years?!  We see her a lot during the summer at the lake...that's why I thought this idea would be perfect!]

The items I found:
[mug w/a Mike's, towel, magazine, candy, and a mini sunscreen]

Creating a tag. Summer Essentials [now that you're retired]
[I wanted to have a little explaination for each item.  Simple and sweet.  So I typed it up then taped the scrapbooking paper on top then ran it through the printer again.  I've never tried that before...but it worked out perfectly!]

Finished product. 
[tried to cover the 'Mikes' with the tag because the party's at the school... not sure about having drinks in there??]

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kitchen Frames

Years ago I found two cute red frames for like a dollar.  Of course I didn't know what I'd do with them...but I figured I'd make them into a gift/craft "one day".  Well that day finally came!

My older sister found some cute 'retro' kitchen scrapbooking paper and wanted to do something with it.  She's using red as an accent color in her kitchen so I cut the paper to create a matting, then cut out some of the design and attached them on the front.  Then just added a couple pictures of my nephews!  Glad to have another project done and space to start something else!


Scrapbooking Paper and
Designs on the front:

Ready for a picture:


Of course Mimi wanted to play while I was workin'...

Cork Keychains

Another pinterest idea of course.  I saw this as a wedding favor and decided to change it a bit. 

I used corks from our recent trip to France.  I had my sisters save their corks from the wine I brought them back.  I was thinking I could just put a cork from one of the many bottles we finished in Paris, but decided it'd be more fun to use the one they tried!  Also, I originally envisioned more 'charms' but they just weren't hanging right.  So I decided to just use a charm with their initials and a simple heart.  Hope they like 'em!

J for Janel:

K for Kelly (just needs to be screwed onto her cork):

S for Shelby (had to make one for myself! hee hee):

They turned out cute!  Guess we'll see how they hold up?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next year...

Recently we've been having to make placements for next year... and for the FIRST time... I'm getting to loop-up with some of my current 3rd graders!  Eek! Mixtures of nervousness and excitement have overwhelmed me lately!

I sent home a letter yesterday letting parents know that I would be able to keep some of my current 3rd graders into the next year.  Long story short... A LOT of my parents still have the 'old combination stigma' in mind.  That their 4th grader would be learning some of the same things as this year.  Sad.  Because it's completely false.  State standards have evolved things into a whole new standard!  With that being said though... I think the families that want to keep with me into the next year are delightful!  I'm so lucky to see that families enjoy that consistency.  I know the others will be successful in their next year.  With that in mind, I'm already thinking ahead into September! 

In a couple weeks our school is doing a 'fly-up' where everyone will go to meet their next year's teacher! I've never experienced this and can't wait to see how it goes.  I'm going to fall in love with all of them!  Of course I already know half of my students [so lucky!].  We're going to do a fun activity together creating name plates for September.  They'll get to hang out and design their name tag for their desk in September.  I can't wait to see how they turn out!

I'm also going to try something new.  A summer reading log.  I'm going to send home with them a summer calendar to record any reading they do... fingers crossed... I hope they do!

We'll see how it goes!  Update soon.

With that being said... a new season of So You Think You Can Dance is starting... and I can't wait to see the new talent this season!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the Year gifts

End. of. the .year....only 18 days away!  As a teacher we're flooded with mixed emotions during this time.  Excited for the near and dear days of summer and for me anyways, dreading the thought of packing up the room and saying goodbye to the kiddos.

Of course Pinterest is overwhelmed with gift I chose one that was simple, cute, and meaningful for my kids.  Something they could keep to remember their time as a 3rd grader, in room 121.  Aww.  Here's the quick process of how they were made.

Inspiration from Pinterest:

From the blog, 'Dandee, A Happily Crafted Life' who created these as her daughters valentines for her classmates.  I used the same idea and created a new tag.  If you go to this blog she has the template available to download, super easy!!

My version:
Started by creating a new tag that reads: 
"Our class would knot have been the same without you!"
Cut them out with a punch:

Then cut out a colored sheet using the scalloped edge punch:

After gluing on each tag I punched holes on each side:

After I slid the bracelet through I used a small piece of tape to help hold them on:

After that I simply signed my name!  All that's left is to sign each kiddos name.  Super simple! 

Can't wait to pass them out!  18 days!!