Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teacher Retirement Gift

This week has been so busy!  With Memorial Day on Monday (so no school) then I was subbed out 1/2 the morning on Tuesday then all day today... because tomorrow I have to rush out quickly after school to attend another teacher's retirement party! 

Long story short. 

I needed to put something together this afternoon.  Yikes!  I had an idea in mind that I'd see on Pinterest [of course].  Here's how it turned out:

Idea from Pinterest:
[the retirement party is for a teacher my mother-in-law has worked with for like the last 20 something years?!  We see her a lot during the summer at the lake...that's why I thought this idea would be perfect!]

The items I found:
[mug w/a Mike's, towel, magazine, candy, and a mini sunscreen]

Creating a tag. Summer Essentials [now that you're retired]
[I wanted to have a little explaination for each item.  Simple and sweet.  So I typed it up then taped the scrapbooking paper on top then ran it through the printer again.  I've never tried that before...but it worked out perfectly!]

Finished product. 
[tried to cover the 'Mikes' with the tag because the party's at the school... not sure about having drinks in there??]

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