Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bean Life Cycle flipchart

Ahhh.  That's a sigh of relief.  Having just spent the whole morning [6 hours to be exact] correcting end of trimester assessments in rdg and math then planning some science, I'm glad to be done.  For now.

Science has been slackin'.  With all our assessments, for the state, district, and end of units I have to admit that science took the wrath. [Tear]  Time to kick it into high gear!

I'd seen some flip books/charts on Pinterest [where else?] and I set the idea aside to use for later.  Well it's now later.  We're studying 'Structures of Life' in science and our first focus in the bean pod.  I wanted to create a flip chart to show the Bean Life Cycle.

Here's how it turned out!  I think I'll glue their 'flip piece' onto a colored sheet of construction paper to help give it some structure.

The cover piece that I'll cut out ahead of time:

They will write a brief description for each part of the bean cycle:

They will write a title, 'Bean Life Cycle' in the center and arrows to show the direction of the cycle:

Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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