Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creating paper lantern owls

Summer vacation = finally time to finish all those crafts for the classroom I don't have time for!

So I found the cutest owl paper lantern on Pinterest the other day:

...and I thought "Oooo, I could create some of those for the classroom!"  I scrumaged [is that a word?] through my basement and found some paper lanterns that were a wedding gift [4 years ago] that we'd never used.  I thought I'd hang them from our outside 'patio thing' but figured they'd get damaged by the weather.  So they've been in a box ever since!

Until now!

My lanterns aren't round... but I think it'll work anyways... here's an example for the first one I tried!  I painted it pink, I also painted some shades of brown and green [to match the material I'm putting in the classroom next year]  so I'll post pictures of those ones once they're done.

Here's how it turned out!

I changed the eyes a bit... and I'm going to create a 'brow' on some of the others too... but I also need to hotglue on each part since they'll be hanging in the classroom and that will help them to be more durable [hopefully]!

Really easy!!  I hope you can try them out too!

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