Monday, June 25, 2012

Paper Owl Lanterns cont.

Today I've accomplished a ton... of laundry and other cleaning around the house [after getting back from camping last night]...

PLUS I've been up since 5:00! 
[Which is COMPLETELY unheard of for me!] 

So I decided I needed a 'crafting break'... therefore I've finished the rest of the paper owl lanterns!  They couldn't have turned out cuter!  I can't wait to hang them in the classroom this fall.

The whole gang:

And while I've been crafting away... my pups were out sun bathing!  This is what I walked out to: 

Too cute! 

Lilly was smart enough to stay in the shade.  It's getting HOT!

 I think it's time for a little sunshine myself.  Also time to continue reading Mockingjay l can't wait to finish the Hunger Games trilogy.

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