Monday, June 18, 2012

Officially Summer

It's officially summer... [yeah!  loud cheering and yelling] because I just spent 3 hours this afternoon 'getting updated' on the new common core state standards, so it wasn't official until after all 'school-related' things were done.

So, maybe it's because it is summer...
Or maybe it's because I have to scrapbook/craftize everything I do...

...but instead of diving into our new c.c.s.s. and figuring everything out, I decided to make my binders pretty instead!  I hated the look of the white, too official! 

I just finished adding little details.  Of course I couldn't forget to add an owl for my theme next year.

I know I'll continue to read the many 'school' books that I packed into my bag for the summer.  And I've already ran through another thing of ink printing off ideas for next year... but for now I'm going to try and relax and enjoy the time off for a bit.  We're taking a camping trip this upcoming weekend!  Driving Tyler's Mom's RV... should be interesting!  Meeting some friends on the westside of the state.  Let's just hope it doesn't rain [too much].

Here's the cute c.c.s.s. binders for next year:

E.L.A. 3rd and 4th

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