Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A couple more crafts!

Came in from the lake today...early [6:00 to be exact!] for a brief break [we'll be back out there this weekend].  It's been so relaxing though!  I've spent more time at the lake this summer than in any years before.

My first 'Made It' today was a SUPER CUTE supply organizer I'd seen on Pinterest and various blogs.  So today when I stopped by Harbor Freight I found this cute [and cheap, $9.99] organizer!

I used the paper I had from my reflection journal covers and printed off the  individual labels.  I found a blog online that had them for free!  Thanks!!  It was SO SIMPLE to create!  Once I was finished with the labels I didn't like the 'yellow-ish' color of the organizer so I decided to cover it wish some yellow paper then use the left over ribbon around the edge.  I think it turned out cute, and SO functional!  I can't wait to get it in the classroom!

I can't wait to fill it with supplies!!

My second 'Made It' was more of a I finally finished it type of project.  Tyler built me a peg board and framed it a couple years ago.  I painted the frame to match one I have already in the classroom.  Long story short... I had no purpose for it in the classroom [it is a bit big], so it's been in the side room since then.  I'm so excited to finally use it!  We are continuing our 'Bucket Filling' at school and I recently found the CUTEST buckets at Target [dollar deals]!  I'm going to hang a bucket for each student and they'll be able to collect their 'drops' throughout the year on this board.  I'm not sure where to put it in the classroom [due to the size] but I know I'll be able to find a perfect spot.  Now all I need to create is a title.  Something like 'We Are Bucket Fillers'... 'Mrs. Oas' Bucket Fillers'... still deciding!

I just LOVE the bright colors!!

And of course...
I had my side-kick,
[one of the three]
watching me the whole time:

Awww.... Mish-kers!

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