Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Spirit

Halloween Spirit. I can't believe it's already October!  Seems like just the other day we were starting school. Now that it's here... it's time for some decorating!  Decorating for Halloween/Fall comes in a close 2nd to Christmas. As I type I even have instrumental Halloween music playing in the background. I love it! In the years past I decorated more for Fall using pumpkins and leaves so I could leave everything up until I switched for Christmas. I wanted a bit of change this year though... something a bit spoookier!  I've been seeing Pinterest overflowing with decoration ideas. I also wanted to use my apothecary jars.  
Here's some ideas I pinned to help inspire this year's decorations:

I started looking for new decorations for the last few weeks and finally put things together this morning. Here's how they turned out:

On the other side of the pumpkin is a 'jack-o-lantern' type face. You can see it through the window!

Just loved finding these mini skeletons! 

Watch out for rats on the loose!
For now... that's what I have. I'll keep an eye out for other decorations for around the house. I also want to decorate the front porch. I have some 'webs' that I'll stretch across the corners but I'd love to add one of those chalkboard signs with a fun Halloween saying.  Just need to find one!  I'd also love to create some pillows similar to these for the couch:

Halloween spirit is in full swing!  Now we just need to decide this year's costumes. We ALWAYS wait until the last minute. Which I hate because we end up paying an arm and leg!  We always incorporate the 'girlfriends' into our costumes so that makes it a bit challenging at times but so cute in the end!  Here's some of our last couple years:

Yee Haw!

To protect and serve!
Can't wait to see what this year will bring... we've been talking about Scooby Doo?!  Koda as Scooby Doo, Mishka as Scrappy-Doo and Tyler and I could be Fred and Daphne!  How fun would that be?!   Guess we'll see what we can find in the next few weeks!  Until then...


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