Sunday, December 1, 2013

M.I.A. continued

Experienced some computer hiccups... so I'll continue here.

Wreath.  Burlap EVERYTHING has been the craze.  So I had to join.  Here's the wreath I made.

I was surprised how quick & easy this was! 
I look forward to switching out the
decorations for each holiday/season.

Halloween 2013.  I had to 'do my time' with Jury Duty this October and was inspired by law enforcement.  Plus it was super easy for the dogs!

Digital frame re-decorated for the classroom.  I'm trying to take more pictures this year and I thought it'd be even better to have them circulate on a digital frame.  Much cheaper than always rushing off to get them printed.  Like I tell my 'kids'.  Work smarter not harder.

Open House Goodies.  Found this idea on Pinterest and added a little more 'cuteness' to it.

Birthday Treats.  This year I had to jump on the wagon with the birthday balloon/straw idea swarming on Pinterest.  Just in time to finish before September too. 

Our Girlfriends.  Last but not least.  Enjoying our time with these three crazies!

Koda girl.



Well.  I need to get back to getting some national boards work done for tomorrow.  To be honest. Not get back to, but actually start.  Eek!  I guess I've got to bite the bullet here.  Or google some tips for blogging first.  Just for a few minutes.  Promise!
Until next time.

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