Saturday, February 4, 2017

February and snow

Can't believe it's already February! It's also snowing non-stop!  Snow is one of the reasons I love living in the PNW.  I'd love some warm weather though!  Groundhog did see his shadow, so I hope these next six weeks go by quickly!
I started to get ahead of Valentine's this year and they turned out so cute! It's an old idea I saw on Pinterest.  I wanted to get them done ahead of time since the next couple weekends will be busy traveling to the Seattle area for our regionals and state competitions!


Found the cute mini bags of gummy bears at World Market and used old colored papered I had at home.  The tag was easy to create using a clip art picture of gummy bears and added the text. So simple.                                                                  

I'm also continuing with my bullet journaling.  Having to track everything continues to keep me more accountable.  With January coming to a close it gave me a chance to reflect and make changes.  I also redesigned my weekly layout pages. I like how they turned out! 
This was my January doodles/quotes page.  I didn't really know how often I would use these pages but I love finding new quotes and being motivated by them!  I look forward to filling February's!

Alright. Schoolwork is finished for the morning.  Onto cleaning around the house and laundry before I brave the snow storm and get some shopping done.  A 'grandma' baby shower at school, goodie-bags for the girls, finish finding supplies for Ty's Valentine gift, and some book bingo game night gifts for school.  Oh and the usual grocery shopping. 
Loads to do. Better get going!

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