Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes we just need a "LIFE SAVER"

It's been a busy couple of weeks as we get ready for the end of another trimester and plan for parent teacher conferences.  With that being said... we're all definately feeling the pressure and getting run down.  Of course I've felt like that, so I'm sure others are feeling the same.  So I put together these cute goodie bags for the other teachers:

                'Sometimes we just need a "LIFE SAVER" to help keep us afloat. 
                                   [Use daily or as often as needed]'

Hopefully it'll help lift their spirits when they need it! :)   I know it lifted mine a bit getting to do something crafty for a few minutes!


  1. Hi Shelby.
    Where did you get the materials to do this craft? I want to do it as a bereavement project for the families of our patients. We are a hospice. Mark

  2. Hi Mark, sorry I haven't checked my blog in, a WHILE, so I'm not sure you'll see this response...

    I just typed the tag onto a WORD document (I MIGHT be able to find it if you're interested), and glued it onto a folded piece of cardstock paper. The clear bags I bought in the cake decorating area and just filled with lifesaver candies then stapled closed.

    Enjoy :)