Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Math Manipulatives!!

Today some of the math manipulatives I bought came in the mail!!  Yeah!  I was SO EXCITED to tear open the box and gush over all the new things!  But.  Of course I had to immediately head back out and make a quick trip to a nearby Dollar Tree to buy some cute containers to put them in!!

Here's how some of them turned out!  I can't wait to use them tomorrow.  We're knee deep in fractions and working on equivalent fractions tomorrow.  The fraction pieces will work PERFECTLY!  Very hands-on!


Of course they look much cuter in their matching green containers!!

Multiplication Dice I bought. 
Two dice with numbers 1-12 and one dice with an 'X' sign. 
I found the small containers at the Dollar Tree. 
Using an idea I saw on Pinterest!! 
No more rolling, lost, noisy dice!! 
You shake the container and voila!  Equation is made!!

Can't wait to use them tomorrow!! 
And.  I can't wait until the rest of my goodies arrive!!

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