Friday, August 8, 2014

A Mix of Randoms

Wedding Fun. One of our good friends was just married this past July. So of course I had to do something crafty. Plus, I got the chance to do some chalkboard designs which I've seen all over Pinterest! Thanks for the opportunity Sarah!

Bachelorette goodies. Saw this frame idea on Pinterest and tried to re-create it. Added some girlie treats and her favorite, Fireball!

We went in with Ty's dad and step-mom for their Wedding gift. They were registered for some fun kitchen goodies so I  went with a kitchen theme. Found this little Recipe for Love phrase on Pinterest and personalized it for them. I also used the same paper and ribbon as their invitations.

Bad picture... can't really see...but once it was all put together I tied the tag onto a HUGE mason jar. Too cute!

They set up a table for Anniversary Wishes. Such a cute idea!

One of the chalkboards I created.

Another chalkboard. I love the idea of sitting on either side!

This last chalkboard I created was a bit of a rush?! The photographer told me there was another large one if I wanted to write something. Only problem... guests would be arriving in 15 minutes! Eek. Also, I wasn't told by the bride to write anything. Double Eek. I quickly threw this together and it turned out perfectly in front of the area where most of the reception took place. Phew!
All in all it turned out. The chalk was a bit hard to write with. Especially when in a hurry. They kept breaking and I was constantly having to blow the dust away. I used a mix of the regular size and fat chalk. Next time I'd love to experiment with chalk pens!  Since these chalkboards belonged to the location of the wedding I didn't want to ruin them, in case the chalk pens didn't erase well.  I need to keep my eyes open for some to use here at the house!

Tutu Skirts. So my sister asked me to join her and her husband in an upcoming color run. Of course that meant we needed to make a fun tutu skirt to run in. Game on! After watching some simple tutorials I created one for myself as well as Mimi. Of course she only wore it for the picture. Oh well.

Can't you tell how happy Mishka is to wear her matching skirt?

I forgot to take pictures while we were making the skirts but it was so simple! Once you cut the tulle into pieces it was a simple process of folding over each piece like a scarf around the elastic and pulling it tight. Then alternating colors. Over. and. over.

Gymnastics. This year I created treats for the Regionals competition again. I decided to decorate water bottles this year thinking maybe they'll actually use them again?

I painted their name as well drawing stars on each one. Green is one of our school colors as well as yellow/gold.

This is just one side of the ribbons I puffy painted as well. They had their name on one side and S.P. Gymnast on the other.

Teaching. This past school year was extremely busy. Filled with not only the day-to-day requirements of teaching and coaching but having my 1st student teacher, piloting a new evaluation system, and pursuing my National Boards. To say I was busy seems an understatement. It's funny looking back. Or not. But we all survived!

Of course I had to make my student teacher her own supply toolbox to take back home and filled it with goodies. The class also took a picture outside holding signs that said We (heart) You Miss K. and each student signed the matting before framing it all. It turned out darling! The class was excited to present all their gifts on her last day.

This year's Memory Books for each student. I used various scrapbooking paper again and ran them through the printer this time so each one had the same schoolhouse design. Not sure I like that. I'll definitely do something different next year.

End of the Year gifts. I like to put something together for each kiddo for the last day of school. I start to give them hints within the last few days and they get so excited to see what they are. It's cute. I ordered some inexpensive tote bags and puffy painted them. I wanted to fill the bag with a mix of things that would keep them thinking as well as staying active throughout the summer.

So there's just a bit more of what kept his past school year busy. As I finally load pictures onto my computer from my phone and iPad I'm sure I'll find other projects that I tinkered with. 

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