Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome Back Goodie Bags

Welcome Back Goodie Bag. For a few years now I've put together a little goodie bag for the 1st day of school. I searched around on Pinterest for ideas and found a few poems that incorporated little candies and supplies. I've re-typed mine a bit and added some things. I also changed it a bit because I loop with some of my 3rd graders (will be 4th graders) due to teaching a 3/4 combo and I didn't want it to be exactly as the same as last years'. It's just a little something to surprise them as they find their desk on the 1st day of school and relieve any jitters!

Needed Supplies:
'Welcome Back' poem (search online or create your own)
Stationary (Dollar Tree)
Clear bags (Walmart)
Erasers (District supply catalog)
Smarties candies
Crayons (District supply catalog, 16 ct.)
Pencils (District supply catalog)
Sharpeners (Dollar Tree)
Starburst candies 


Once you have all your supplies create a mini assembly line filling each bag. Use a small piece of ribbon to close each baggie and you're set!  I'll set each bag on top of the Welcome Back poem on top their desks. **If you're interested in the poem just message me. I'm trying to learn how to turn it into a file/link or pdf that someone else could use!

While I was out picking up the last bit of supplies I found the cutest stickers!! And they were only 88 cents!  I'm decorating my classroom this year with bright colors and 'school supplies' so these will go great on little notebooks, picture frames... who knows?! I might have to go back and get more?!

SO CUTE! Look at those tiny pencils and scissors! Aww makes my heart melt! I was always that weird one who could walk into the school supply aisle and fall in love... and walk away buying notebooks, markers, crayons, post-its... Even when I wasn't in school anymore. Or teaching?! Ha! Maybe I shouldn't admit that... but I know there's others out there that share this same passion. Totally normal!

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