Saturday, August 16, 2014

Interactive Journals

Interactive Journal... Thinking Journal... Reading Journal... whatever you call them, I'm sure teachers everywhere use some sort of journal throughout the year with their kiddos. For the past couple years I've created journals that we called 'Our Thinking Journals'. I divided them into sections. Math, reading, and writing. Last year I even made a section for Book Club.  Each summer I would purchase composition notebooks, scrapbooking paper, and cute ribbon to decorate each of the journals so they were one-of-a-kind for each student and ready on the 1st day of school! After a couple years now I finally got smart! Imagine that! Instead of buying the composition notebooks myself, I put it on the supply list. I provide a lot of the supplies within my classroom so I figured it was a simple addition to an already short list.  Unfortunately, I can't have the journals ready on the 1st day of school, but I do have the paper and ribbon already cut and ready to assemble once I collect all their notebooks. I can't wait to put them together!! I show each student the selection of paper and they get to choose their color. They get excited knowing they will be the only one with that cover. Someone else might have a similar color, but not pattern!

This is an example of a past journal I've created. After students have selected which one they want I put a label on each one with their name

Each year I choose a different ribbon. I couldn't find any cute 'school' ones at Hobby Lobby so I went ahead with this one... plus it'll match each of the colored papers.

I cut each piece about 12 inches. I ended up using 2 rolls of ribbon. This will give me some extra journals for any new students throughout the year.

Scrapbooking paper. I used a 40% off coupon but usually these paper packs are 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Since it's a 180-pack I use the paper for my students' End of the Year Memory Books as well as other projects... maybe even the journals I'll make next year!

I select a different design for each student. I used 9 different colors, and 3 designs for each color. I can't wait to see which design they each pick!

Now all I have to do is wait another 18 days (eek! Is that all that's left?!) until the students arrive!  I'll update with pictures of how these new journals turned out.

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