Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Display Case

Display Case. With the beginning of the school year just around the corner it was time to update and decorate the Display Case at my school. I'm so lucky to have the help of my Mom and Sister in decorating the case throughout each year! They're the best. So we brainstormed some ideas to start the year and here's how it turned out:

The inspiration found on Pinterest:
We used the phrase from this bulletin board but because we're decorating a display case instead we had to change it up a bit. My Mom and Sister decided on a picnic theme... filled with ants!

It's a bit hard to see the finished product through the glare but the up-close pictures show more. Don't you just LOVE those ants! 

'Ant'icipate a Great Year!
A little ketchup that squirted out...

...some left over potato chips...

...and a chocolate chip cookie to nibble on...

The ants have taken over the picnic and are cleaning up the crumbs!

All ready for a GREAT year to start!


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