Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest!

So, I've been consuming many hours of my time to pinterest.  But, it's FINALLY inspired me to start doing ALL the projects I have piled up.  Here are some of the things I've been working on:

Some of my kiddos have been struggling with telling time, so here's my fix:

Found this idea on pinterest:

This is my finished product!  I hope they find it useful (and cute)!  I can't wait to hang it in the classroom tomorrow.

I've been working with one of my students on his behaviors and keeping track daily.  On Friday he brought his torn and falling apart 'behavior chart' so I told him I'd try and create something more durable this weekend. 



I hope he doesn't think it's too 'girlie' with all the scrapbooking touches?!  Hopefully he'll think it's cool and will feel proud to accomplish his goals each day.  Guess we'll see.

Okay.  So I have SO MANY other things that I'd like to post, but it's Superbowl Sunday and I'm supposed to be getting ready right now to head out to my mother-in-law's house.  Oops.   Off to the lake we go!


  1. I love the clock idea.....might have to steal that one for our classroom/office

  2. Please do! I have it saved on file so I can email it to you so you can print out the numbers if you'd like! :)