Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy [snowy] afternoons

When this is what it looks like outside:

...there's nothing better than bunkering down and staying inside!

It's been a laminating, book binding assembly line in the house today!  I finished putting together the girl's booklets for the upcoming awards banquet next week.  Each booklet has information about each of our meets this season as well as any newspaper clippings and some pictures.  [My track & field hurdle's coach in high school made me a similar type of booklet to capture each season and I loved the idea so I've put together a booklet each season for the girls too!]  It's a little bit of work throughout the season putting everything together but it's a great memory!  Here's a few pictures to show how they turned out:

I've also been creating more updated power standard "I CAN" statements for the classroom.  It's usually the last thing on my mind when I'm putting together lesson plans or looking ahead to the next unit.  But it was time for an update!  It's always a challenge putting the standards into 'kid friendly' wording... always looking for ideas.  Here's an example of one I'll post for writing.  I thought it'd be easier to create one that I can leave up all year, and just change the arrow to point to the different unit we're focusing on.  I also glued it onto blue paper (because everything for writing is blue in class.  Yes, due to my OCD of having everything color coded/coordinated!)  Each subject has a different color and I try to make the anchor charts/I CAN statements match. 

I'm also participating in a book study at school.  We're reading Small-Group Writing Conferences; How to use your instructional time more efficiently by Holly Slaughter.  There's been so many great ideas to use in the classroom.  Personally, I cringe each time I teach writing.  Out of all the subjects we teach I struggle the most with writing!  I never enjoyed writing much growing up [besides journaling type of writing] so I'm always looking for ways to get better!   In our last book study we discussed the chapters we'd read and this part still lingers:

"...but more than that, this strategy will help the writer become a better let the child know this is a strategy for anytime you write, not just for today, not just for this piece.  ...teach the writer, not the writing."

So often I give my students help to move on with their current piece of writing, instead of an idea for writing overall, therefore they don't apply the idea into their future writings...something to work on!

Well, it's still a snowy storm outside and I'm finished with my 'homework' for the weekend... so of course I have to bug my doggies!  I'm sure this is what they're secretly saying inside each time I take a picture:

Koda:  "C'mon, really.  Another picture.  I look exactly the same as I did yesterday." 
Mishka:  "Hmmm, can't pass up an opportunity to be in the spotlight!"

Koda:  "Okay.  I'm ONLY looking so that you'll stop bugging me.  I'm trying to sleep!"

Mishka:  "Hey down there!  What's that light that keeps flashing in my face?  Oh well, SMILE!"

I'm sorry, they're just too cute to pass up!  Note to self, that's probably a sign to log off and go make some lunch... or anything else at this point!   But. Before I finish, I noticed I forgot to post the Valentine's Day goodies I received at school.  I was so busy getting for State that I never posted.  Sorry it's late! 

My sis came and suprised me with one of my favorite drinks!  And, The cutest Valentine EVER!  I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it out too, so lucky she did it first!  SO CUTE!

Up close:

...I'm off to enjoy ALL this snow... and it's almost March?!  Better late than never?!

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