Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Squeezin' out every second!

Why does it seem that you can get SO many things done when you have NO time... and when you have all day open, you accomplish hardly anything?!  

That's how my night is going, and the rest of this week for that.  We have our Regionals gymnastics competition this weekend so I've been getting things ready (goodie bags below).  It's also Janel's birthday this week so I've been working on her gift (pictures soon... so I don't spoil the surprise)! 

Somehow when I have my plate filled to the max I'm able to get everything done.  As long as I keep MOVING!  Lets hope I can have that same 'full steam ahead' motivation this summer because that's when I actually have the time to get things done!!  ONLY 5 MORE MONTHS! :)

Here they are: Goodie bags for the girls.  GO HIGHLANDERS!!  Green and Gold!  Our goal is to qualify to the State Competition as a team.  Fingers crossed.

I still have to fill out there names and a VERY inspiring message.  Ha.  Hope it'll do the job! 

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  1. awesome job girl.......i found a blog that has some more really cute valentines...http://getittogethervt.blogspot.com ....I can't believe there is so many crafts out there....we need to start a craft day once a month and really have tons of fun!!!