Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Blog?

So.  Trying to accomplish a New Year's resolution to journal more... I'm trying out blogging.  My goal is to journal everything that's going on with work, life, and all the messy in-between!

As far as work... I'm currently a 3rd grade teacher and stay busy everyday trying to perfect and meet each one of my student's needs?!  I'll be posting what we're working on in the class, as well as ideas I try!  I've been searching the "www" for a few years now, and there's so much to do.  I hope people can see and use my ideas and other's in their own classroom!  This is my third year teaching within our local school district.  I'm always looking for more ideas and creative ways to keep the kiddos attention!!

My 2nd job is coaching... every November through February I coach High School gymnastics!  This will be my... 8th season??  Phew.  Times flies!  After teaching I head over to the school for a couple hours to deal with the 'high school drama'.  Not too far off from what I deal with from 9:00-3:00?!  :)  We're currently having a very successful season, and heading into our post-season.  We'll be traveling across the state in a couple weeks for our State Tournament!

My life... well, it always seems very "same old same old" but I guess that's what happens when you marry your best friend?!  Tyler and I started dating our senior year in high school (2001) and married in May 2008.  We'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary this upcoming May.  We stay busy doing many things together every season. From snowboarding to snowmobiling and snowshoeing to iceskating and wakeboarding and wakeskating to longboarding.  You name it, we've tried it together.  At least once.  Sometimes we're COMPLETE opposites, but I think that's why it works.  He can push my buttons and completely annoy me at times, but he's usually most often right there when I need him.  I like to call him my 'Mr. Fix-it' because I'm constantly asking him to fix things that either I'm too lazy to do on my own... or too 'blonde' to figure out.  Most recently I brought home a lamp from school that was leaning and no longer worked when I'd twist the switch.  Long story short.  I had put in the WRONG bulbs for that type of lamp?!  'Blonde'  but he did fix the lean.  :)   But I'm constantly coming home with my staplers or 3-hole punches in need of a fix.  And it's always done come Monday!

My life cont...  "Mr. Fix-it" and I keep ourselves busy with our three kiddos... actually dogs/cats!  Koda, Mishka, and Lilly.  Koda is... 3?  or so?  She's a mastiff/chow mix and Mishka just turned 1!  She's a maltese/shitzhuh mix.  We laugh daily watching these two play together and be SUPER HYPER!  ADHD (okay, maybe just Mishka).  We treat them as if they're our kids.  They get to sleep on the bed (Mishka only on the weekends) and they get away with SO much each day!   Lilly is our cat that's almost 10 years old!  Old Lady!  She puts up with the two dogs at most, but still loves her alone time with me! ;)  We try to take them everywhere we go, to the lake, camping, whatever we're doing!

Messy in-between... I've LOVED hanging out with my family now more than we ever have!  I'm the middle child of 5?!  And we're all so different... My oldest sister Janely (Janel) is the 'mother hen' and is a WONDERFUL mother to my two nephews (Keegan & Kalani)!  She is always working hard to help everyone else out!  She was just at my school for hours putting up bulletin boards/display cases!  I'll have pictures soon of the one she decorated for me!  My older brother Levi is more of an independent spirit that I usually see when I visit my Mom and Dad.  He works hard at helping around the house.  My younger sister Kel (Kelly) is a WORKER BEE!  She stays so busy working hard!  She is so passionate towards what she does and she is a fabulous baker!  I'm amazed at what she can do!!  We love reading and gossiping about the latest trends.  :)  My youngest brother Lugey (Luke) is such a free spirit!  He is always trying new things and such a hard worker!  Being so young I never knew who he was.. until recently!  I've enjoyed hanging out and getting to know the 'young-man' he's turned into!  I'm so proud of all my siblings!  They truely are AMAZING!  As our family has extended I've enjoyed my new 'brothers-in-laws' too!  This is all because of my FABULOUS MOM & DAD!!  I don't know how they raised all 5 of us.  And stayed sain?!  Thanks!  I always look forward to our 'family get-togethers' because you never know how it'll turn out!  But drama set aside, we always seem to come together when we need to!

So. Besides my busy life and family I enjoy staying busy with various crafts and organizing around the house.  I have so many 'Dreams' that I can't wait to see through.  My hope is that through this blog I'll hold myself accountable to all the many dreams I see coming true!  

I hope you can enjoy our day-to-day chaos! 

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