Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh the FUN of puffy paint

Today I've been BUSY trying to get things done for the upcoming State Championships meet...

I finished the girls' goodie bags!  Brings back the lovely days of high school with all the puffy painting.  Making thousands of pride grams my senior year... oh. the. good. days!  So here's how they turned out:

Found these cute pink bags!  (Good 'ol Dollar Tree!)

Also found these super cute dinosaurs (couldn't believe they were green and yellow)!

Going with the dinosaur idea... I tried to think of something cheesy.  'You're going to be DYNO-MITE today!'

And of course, who could forget the necessities for an energy boost while competing.  Plus a coloring book for the ride over.  Yes, even high school girls still enjoy coloring while on a road trip! :)  Plus it keeps them a bit quieter. 

Here's the finished product!  I can't wait to see how the ribbons look!  I hope they enjoy. <3 

It's been such a busy afternoon.  Going for a run gave me just the energy I needed to re-energize and get things DONE!  I even had time to squeeze in Mimi's bath.  She loves to be wrapped up tight.

...and with that.  Goodnight!

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