Friday, February 10, 2012


PHEW.  It's been such a busy week.  And of course, there was a full moon.  Fellow teachers, you know what I mean.  Some'thing' replaced my kiddos with some type of 'time bomb' for the last few days.  Today being the day most of them went off.  BOOM!  I am fully ready for the weekend and hopefully normalcy will be back on Monday?!

Enough of that.  Here's the latest project I completed.  Another idea from Pinterest!

A normal wine glass.

Sand the glass where you'll paint.

Paint in layers.

Tied on a piece of chalk.


It was pretty simple!  I'll have to see how well they last.  Cute idea instead of having the charms on the stem to keep your glass from getting mixed up.

Time to wind down and get things ready for our Regionals Competition tomorrow.  Wonder who will qualify to the State Meet.  Hopefully our team!  Fingers crossed.


  1. THANK YOU so so much sis. I love them.....can't wait to have a party and use them.