Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A VERY busy weekend.

It's been an eventful President's weekend to say the least!

Last Thursday we packed up and headed to the west side of the state for our high school gymnastics state championships.  The girls were amped on caffeine and I was over exhausted from writing sub plans the previous night.  [The one thing that discourages me more than anything to miss school is writing sub plans.  They literally take HOURS!]  So we were set.  The van windows were decorated so everyone driving by would stare inside wondering what we were celebrating.  The road trip begins.

And only 4 restroom stops later, and about 5 hours, we arrived at the Tacoma Dome.  Long weekend short, the girls did great on their events, and a couple even qualified into the individual finals.  The competition was very talented this year and they were very successful with their routines.  Afterwards, packing up and heading home was a bit difficult this year with the weather though.  The pass was closed for a few hours due to avalanche blasting and the snow expected.  I was lucky enough to meet up with my brother for a dinner down on the pier and then stayed with my parents for the night.  We had a great night talking and hanging out in the trailer.  In the morning we did a little bit of shopping before I had to head back home.  As I drove alone over the pass on the bare and quiet freeway I enjoyed being alone in my thoughts.  I've always wanted to escape to the road and travel wherever the pavement may go, and I look forward to future trips. 

After getting home I quickly jumped back into the car again, [Yes, no more than 30 minutes after I got back] to go roller skating.  I felt like I was back in elementary school putting on the 'ol charlie brown skates.  Although everyone else had their speed skates or rollerblades on, I didn't mind reminiscing my childhood.  I couldn't believe how many people still went out skating.  It's a Sunday night tradition that we're going to start (or have already, but I've missed out on the last three).  Let's just hope I don't get another blister the next time we go.  Note to self, wear thicker socks! 

So after enjoying a night of childish fun I was able to get an extra day of rest with the holiday on Monday.  After catching up on schoolwork and our many DVR'd shows I worked on making a necklace to match the cute dress I found shopping this weekend.  Beading is one of the things that gets put aside as the busy day sets in.  So I sorted through what I had to make something to match.  I was searching for some blue and whites with a touch of red.  For a bit of a nautical look.  Here's how it turned out:

I attached a cute charm that says 'Live' with a heart.

It was relaxing putting together a new necklace.  I haven't had the time or patience to do any beading lately.  But I haven't found a necklace that would match what I'm looking for so I had to make it.  Problem solved. 

So after picking up the pieces today at school, after being gone last week, I feel like things are back on schedule.  It took a lot of patience and more than my usual 'bout of energy but hopefully tomorrow can be back to the usual run of the mill.  I can only be so lucky?! 

I hope the rest of this week will less eventful!

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