Saturday, February 11, 2012

Road Trip!

Today the girls put 100% into their routines at the Regionals meet.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to qualify as a team to the State Championships next week.  (sad face)  But.  We did have 4 girls who qualified to compete individually! 

So it's going to be a VERY busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!  Then we'll pack up and travel 300 some miles over to the Tacoma Dome.  Painted windows, puffy-painted ribbons, and goodie bags to-go! 

Ribbons for the girls:  Pretty green polka-dot with sparkles! (yes, that means sparkles all over the carpet... oops!  Hopefully Ty doesn't notice) It'll have their name and year '11-'12

This week's going to be a bit hectic with our Valentine's Party too.  I can't wait to see all the goodies and personalized valentine cards the kiddos will make for each other.  They've been comfortable and best friends with one another since September, but once February 14th rolls around, they become bashful and shy around each other.  It's fun to watch them drop their valentine cards into each other's bag as if they're trying to be secretive.

Oh the joys of being a kid.  With no care in the world, and the only thing they'll be worrying about on Tuesday is whether or not their classmate enjoys opening their valentine.  <3 

The valentines I made for the kiddos this year:

And this is what I'm going to be enjoying the rest of this weekend:

Caught Koda mid-yawn.

Mishka snoozin'

..and Lilly took off before I could snatch a pic!  So I have the rest of tonight to relax, and a busy day getting things ready for the week tomorrow, then it's the last week of this year's gymnastics season!  HOO-RAH!

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