Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crayon Art

I wanted to try out an idea I'd seen on Pinterest.  Crayon art!  I used the same idea of a heart as I'd seen.  I set it a bit off centered to make it a bit different.  Also, after I finished I didn't like how the wax didn't cover all of the canvas.  [Because I didn't use as many crayons]  So I decided to melt some wax and drip it around to fill the open spaces. 

Here's the process of creating crayon art:

I used a heart to place the crayons around.  I glued the crayons onto the canvas.  Originally I started on a smaller canvas and figured it'd be too much work to cut each of the crayons, so I ended up using a larger canvas instead.

I started melting the crayons with my hair dryer and quickly realized it was going to take WAY TOO LONG. It just wasn't hot enough.

I started to use Ty's heat gun and they literally melted in seconds!  [I probably could have used my heat gun for embossing but I didn't think about it at the time.]  F.Y.I. It gets a bit smoky, so make sure to take a break in between otherwise you'll set off the smoke alarm!  Oops!

On Pinterest someone had mentioned that it would spray.  Duh.  So I used a clear bin to spray into while I melted the wax.  It worked out great!

After I had each of the colors melted I didn't like all the open white space so I took other crayons and dripped the wax to create splatters.  It was a lot of fun!  And not too messy!  I love how it turned out! 

The only thing left is finding the perfect quote, message, or word to put in the middle of the heart.  I'm not sure where I'm going to hang it yet, so once I figure that part out, I'll figure out what it should say.  <3

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy [snowy] afternoons cont.

So I did get up.  I made some lunch then we took the dogs outside.  Only one problem.  It's cold out there!  They're such girls!  They would hardly walk on the snow!  Mishka had to try out her new coat [thanks Grandma Shelly]!  But after about 5 minutes she started shivering... so I snapped a couple pics.  And now we're back inside. 

"Brrr it's cold out here!"

"Okay take the picture already, I'm freeeezin' here!"

Lazy [snowy] afternoons

When this is what it looks like outside:

...there's nothing better than bunkering down and staying inside!

It's been a laminating, book binding assembly line in the house today!  I finished putting together the girl's booklets for the upcoming awards banquet next week.  Each booklet has information about each of our meets this season as well as any newspaper clippings and some pictures.  [My track & field hurdle's coach in high school made me a similar type of booklet to capture each season and I loved the idea so I've put together a booklet each season for the girls too!]  It's a little bit of work throughout the season putting everything together but it's a great memory!  Here's a few pictures to show how they turned out:

I've also been creating more updated power standard "I CAN" statements for the classroom.  It's usually the last thing on my mind when I'm putting together lesson plans or looking ahead to the next unit.  But it was time for an update!  It's always a challenge putting the standards into 'kid friendly' wording... always looking for ideas.  Here's an example of one I'll post for writing.  I thought it'd be easier to create one that I can leave up all year, and just change the arrow to point to the different unit we're focusing on.  I also glued it onto blue paper (because everything for writing is blue in class.  Yes, due to my OCD of having everything color coded/coordinated!)  Each subject has a different color and I try to make the anchor charts/I CAN statements match. 

I'm also participating in a book study at school.  We're reading Small-Group Writing Conferences; How to use your instructional time more efficiently by Holly Slaughter.  There's been so many great ideas to use in the classroom.  Personally, I cringe each time I teach writing.  Out of all the subjects we teach I struggle the most with writing!  I never enjoyed writing much growing up [besides journaling type of writing] so I'm always looking for ways to get better!   In our last book study we discussed the chapters we'd read and this part still lingers:

"...but more than that, this strategy will help the writer become a better let the child know this is a strategy for anytime you write, not just for today, not just for this piece.  ...teach the writer, not the writing."

So often I give my students help to move on with their current piece of writing, instead of an idea for writing overall, therefore they don't apply the idea into their future writings...something to work on!

Well, it's still a snowy storm outside and I'm finished with my 'homework' for the weekend... so of course I have to bug my doggies!  I'm sure this is what they're secretly saying inside each time I take a picture:

Koda:  "C'mon, really.  Another picture.  I look exactly the same as I did yesterday." 
Mishka:  "Hmmm, can't pass up an opportunity to be in the spotlight!"

Koda:  "Okay.  I'm ONLY looking so that you'll stop bugging me.  I'm trying to sleep!"

Mishka:  "Hey down there!  What's that light that keeps flashing in my face?  Oh well, SMILE!"

I'm sorry, they're just too cute to pass up!  Note to self, that's probably a sign to log off and go make some lunch... or anything else at this point!   But. Before I finish, I noticed I forgot to post the Valentine's Day goodies I received at school.  I was so busy getting for State that I never posted.  Sorry it's late! 

My sis came and suprised me with one of my favorite drinks!  And, The cutest Valentine EVER!  I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it out too, so lucky she did it first!  SO CUTE!

Up close:

...I'm off to enjoy ALL this snow... and it's almost March?!  Better late than never?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A VERY busy weekend.

It's been an eventful President's weekend to say the least!

Last Thursday we packed up and headed to the west side of the state for our high school gymnastics state championships.  The girls were amped on caffeine and I was over exhausted from writing sub plans the previous night.  [The one thing that discourages me more than anything to miss school is writing sub plans.  They literally take HOURS!]  So we were set.  The van windows were decorated so everyone driving by would stare inside wondering what we were celebrating.  The road trip begins.

And only 4 restroom stops later, and about 5 hours, we arrived at the Tacoma Dome.  Long weekend short, the girls did great on their events, and a couple even qualified into the individual finals.  The competition was very talented this year and they were very successful with their routines.  Afterwards, packing up and heading home was a bit difficult this year with the weather though.  The pass was closed for a few hours due to avalanche blasting and the snow expected.  I was lucky enough to meet up with my brother for a dinner down on the pier and then stayed with my parents for the night.  We had a great night talking and hanging out in the trailer.  In the morning we did a little bit of shopping before I had to head back home.  As I drove alone over the pass on the bare and quiet freeway I enjoyed being alone in my thoughts.  I've always wanted to escape to the road and travel wherever the pavement may go, and I look forward to future trips. 

After getting home I quickly jumped back into the car again, [Yes, no more than 30 minutes after I got back] to go roller skating.  I felt like I was back in elementary school putting on the 'ol charlie brown skates.  Although everyone else had their speed skates or rollerblades on, I didn't mind reminiscing my childhood.  I couldn't believe how many people still went out skating.  It's a Sunday night tradition that we're going to start (or have already, but I've missed out on the last three).  Let's just hope I don't get another blister the next time we go.  Note to self, wear thicker socks! 

So after enjoying a night of childish fun I was able to get an extra day of rest with the holiday on Monday.  After catching up on schoolwork and our many DVR'd shows I worked on making a necklace to match the cute dress I found shopping this weekend.  Beading is one of the things that gets put aside as the busy day sets in.  So I sorted through what I had to make something to match.  I was searching for some blue and whites with a touch of red.  For a bit of a nautical look.  Here's how it turned out:

I attached a cute charm that says 'Live' with a heart.

It was relaxing putting together a new necklace.  I haven't had the time or patience to do any beading lately.  But I haven't found a necklace that would match what I'm looking for so I had to make it.  Problem solved. 

So after picking up the pieces today at school, after being gone last week, I feel like things are back on schedule.  It took a lot of patience and more than my usual 'bout of energy but hopefully tomorrow can be back to the usual run of the mill.  I can only be so lucky?! 

I hope the rest of this week will less eventful!

The small things in life...

As I was uploading some pictures from my phone... I came across this video.  Mishka was trying, DESPERATELY to play with Lilly.  Bless her heart, Lilly is so patient with Mimi.  I don't how she managed she stay on the couch as long as she did... but it makes me laugh each time I watch it!

I haven't uploaded videos before, so I apologize if it's too blurry... and if there's no sound?!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Eve

...before I left school today I was carefully putting all the students' Valentine's suckers into their mailslots.  I felt like a secret Cupid!  The last couple weeks the kids could buy a sucker for 25 cents and send it to their 'secret' Valentine.  I can't wait to see their smiles and secret blushes as they read some of them.  Mostly from friends, but you could tell some were from 'admirers' in the other classes! <3

Since I have to travel out of town this Thursday for our State meet we decided to keep it simple for Valentine's day this year.  But as I came home from practice tonight there were some of my favorite flowers on the counter.  So much for keeping it simple.  ;) 

My favorite:  Gerbera Daisies!  (sorry a bit blurry)

I hope they're still around after the weekend!  Also, I can't help but post pictures of my 'girlfriends' aka our girls!  Getting along for once...  Koda and Mishka were busy eating while Lilly sipped some water.

Oh, and also another love! Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day... Starbucks' Java Chip ice cream.  Although until recently I didn't think about the caffeine!?   No wonder I can't fall asleep some nights?!

Time for some ice cream...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh the FUN of puffy paint

Today I've been BUSY trying to get things done for the upcoming State Championships meet...

I finished the girls' goodie bags!  Brings back the lovely days of high school with all the puffy painting.  Making thousands of pride grams my senior year... oh. the. good. days!  So here's how they turned out:

Found these cute pink bags!  (Good 'ol Dollar Tree!)

Also found these super cute dinosaurs (couldn't believe they were green and yellow)!

Going with the dinosaur idea... I tried to think of something cheesy.  'You're going to be DYNO-MITE today!'

And of course, who could forget the necessities for an energy boost while competing.  Plus a coloring book for the ride over.  Yes, even high school girls still enjoy coloring while on a road trip! :)  Plus it keeps them a bit quieter. 

Here's the finished product!  I can't wait to see how the ribbons look!  I hope they enjoy. <3 

It's been such a busy afternoon.  Going for a run gave me just the energy I needed to re-energize and get things DONE!  I even had time to squeeze in Mimi's bath.  She loves to be wrapped up tight.

...and with that.  Goodnight!

Sunday afternoons...

...were made for relaxing!  And Mishka's favorite is the heated blanket (currently turned on HIGH) and 'squirrely' laying next to her.

My favorite is to get out for a run.  I hope it's not too messy out there.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Road Trip!

Today the girls put 100% into their routines at the Regionals meet.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to qualify as a team to the State Championships next week.  (sad face)  But.  We did have 4 girls who qualified to compete individually! 

So it's going to be a VERY busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!  Then we'll pack up and travel 300 some miles over to the Tacoma Dome.  Painted windows, puffy-painted ribbons, and goodie bags to-go! 

Ribbons for the girls:  Pretty green polka-dot with sparkles! (yes, that means sparkles all over the carpet... oops!  Hopefully Ty doesn't notice) It'll have their name and year '11-'12

This week's going to be a bit hectic with our Valentine's Party too.  I can't wait to see all the goodies and personalized valentine cards the kiddos will make for each other.  They've been comfortable and best friends with one another since September, but once February 14th rolls around, they become bashful and shy around each other.  It's fun to watch them drop their valentine cards into each other's bag as if they're trying to be secretive.

Oh the joys of being a kid.  With no care in the world, and the only thing they'll be worrying about on Tuesday is whether or not their classmate enjoys opening their valentine.  <3 

The valentines I made for the kiddos this year:

And this is what I'm going to be enjoying the rest of this weekend:

Caught Koda mid-yawn.

Mishka snoozin'

..and Lilly took off before I could snatch a pic!  So I have the rest of tonight to relax, and a busy day getting things ready for the week tomorrow, then it's the last week of this year's gymnastics season!  HOO-RAH!

Friday, February 10, 2012


PHEW.  It's been such a busy week.  And of course, there was a full moon.  Fellow teachers, you know what I mean.  Some'thing' replaced my kiddos with some type of 'time bomb' for the last few days.  Today being the day most of them went off.  BOOM!  I am fully ready for the weekend and hopefully normalcy will be back on Monday?!

Enough of that.  Here's the latest project I completed.  Another idea from Pinterest!

A normal wine glass.

Sand the glass where you'll paint.

Paint in layers.

Tied on a piece of chalk.


It was pretty simple!  I'll have to see how well they last.  Cute idea instead of having the charms on the stem to keep your glass from getting mixed up.

Time to wind down and get things ready for our Regionals Competition tomorrow.  Wonder who will qualify to the State Meet.  Hopefully our team!  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Squeezin' out every second!

Why does it seem that you can get SO many things done when you have NO time... and when you have all day open, you accomplish hardly anything?!  

That's how my night is going, and the rest of this week for that.  We have our Regionals gymnastics competition this weekend so I've been getting things ready (goodie bags below).  It's also Janel's birthday this week so I've been working on her gift (pictures soon... so I don't spoil the surprise)! 

Somehow when I have my plate filled to the max I'm able to get everything done.  As long as I keep MOVING!  Lets hope I can have that same 'full steam ahead' motivation this summer because that's when I actually have the time to get things done!!  ONLY 5 MORE MONTHS! :)

Here they are: Goodie bags for the girls.  GO HIGHLANDERS!!  Green and Gold!  Our goal is to qualify to the State Competition as a team.  Fingers crossed.

I still have to fill out there names and a VERY inspiring message.  Ha.  Hope it'll do the job!